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Cloud hosted in NZ and backed by an uptime guarantee, our best WordPress Hosting plans start from just $14.95 p/month ($179.40 p/year). Not only will you get the best WordPress Hosting and email, you'll also get a free domain name and free SSL certificate built in at a great price.

Hosted in our Auckland based Data Centre using our fast, reliable cloud infrastructure - includes statistics, virus protection and configurable spam filtering.

  • Access your email from anywhere in the world using our WebMail applications - RoundCube and Ensignia.
  • Leading cPanel Control Panel - the best WordPress hosting platform of choice.
  • Free Domain Name for life when you pay for WordPress Hosting annually.
Our focus on the best WordPress Hosting

Installatron is our one-click Wordpress application installer that enables WordPress to be instantly installed and effortlessly managed.

WordPress is one of the most popular applications available today and has a particular focus throughout Installatron right inside cPanel.

  • One-click WordPress plugin and theme updates
    Installatron can update WordPress plugins and themes just as it does WordPress itself. WordPress plugins and themes occasionally suffer from security vulnerabilities that require plugin or theme updates to keep a website secure. Traditionally this would require updating the affected plugin or theme for each website individually, but with Installatron the process is automated and no more than a couple clicks.
  • Automatic updates for WordPress plugins and themes
    Stay even more up-to-date by configuring WordPress plugins and themes to automatically backup and update as new versions become available.
  • WordPress Single Sign On (SSO)
    Using the administrative link now automatically logs the session right into the WordPress administrative area using a secure login method.
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Install and upgrade WordPress in different languages

Installatron is used in all corners of the globe. To serve an international market, Installatron has been developed from the ground up to support international domain names, multi-lingual applications, user-interface localizations, and more.

Save considerable time by using Installatron to install and upgrade WordPress in different languages. When WordPress is upgraded, the installed language package is also updated.

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WordPress security and privacy

From conception, security consciousness has been a central design goal for Installatron. Installatron also guarantee rapid deployment of WordPress security releases to help ensure customers' installed WordPress applications are secure too.

  • WordPress Password privacy
    When WordPress is installed, a secure administrative login password is suggested, and Installatron does not cache or retain the chosen password.
  • Rapid WordPress updates. Guaranteed
    Installatron's Rapid Update Guarantee delivers WordPress security releases 24/7/365. Installatron understands the necessity of rapid security release availability and have designed their workflow to guarantee critical security releases are tested and deployed within hours of release by WordPress, including holiday and non-business day releases.
  • Stay up to date. Automatically
    Updates to WordPress and localisation packages are automatically downloaded once per day.
    When a new WordPress version becomes available, website owners with installed instances of the application are notified by email of the new version, or alternatively, installed WordPress applications can be configured to automatically backup and update as new WordPress versions become available, significantly reducing the amount of time WordPress applications are vulnerable to security exploits.
    WordPress Automatic Update can be configured to only update to new minor versions and security releases, or it can be configured to update to any new WordPress version. In the event an automatic update fails, the created backup is automatically restored.
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Best WordPress Hosting Features:

  • Professional grade NZ cloud hosting
  • Hosted on NZ servers in Auckland
  • Servers housed in state of the art Umbrellar Data Centre
  • Web Hosting supercharged with Installatron
  • Leading cPanel Control Panel
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring
  • Fully redundant/load balanced mail
  • Email provisioned on our VExim dedicated mail platform
  • Daily website backups
  • Free Spam and Virus protection