Website Hosting

When it comes time to select website hosting, keep in mind that your chosen webhost will become your business partner. Your website hosting provider’s service and performance will directly impact on your business. We’ve put together a list of our top tips for choosing your website hosting provider:

Website hosting reliability and uptime

You really want this to be top of the list. If you host your website on a server that is only online 50% of the time then you’ll be losing half your visitors, business and income! Your website host should guarantee its uptime. You won’t ever find a host that has 100% uptime – but look for webhosts that at least guarantee a minimum of 99.6% uptime. But what does this really mean? Even an uptime guarantee of 99.6% could result in your website being inaccessible for 40-minutes every week (that’s more than 35 hours of downtime a year, yet it still meets the host’s service level agreement). Also check out the webhost’s redundancy – ask them what resources are available in the event of a utility failure?

All Cheeky Monkey Hosting plans are backed by a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Our Auckland Data Centre is powered by reliable, parallel Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units and backed up by private diesel generators. Our Data Centre, managed by Umbrellar, is fully equipped to cope with even the most severe of black outs or power failures.

Website hosting support

Following on from your website hosting server’s reliability, it’s a good idea to look for a website hosting provider that will provide great, timely customer support. Customer support need not be via phone – email support is just as good as it provides a thread should an issue need to be escalated. Ticket support should also be available. Does the website hosting provider also offer live chat? Find out if the support is provided locally by New Zealand support staff or offshore. Your website hosting’s server and network should also be monitored 24/7/365 – that includes public holidays!

Cheeky Monkey Hosting offers free unlimited local email and ticket support. We also offer live chat. Our servers and network is continuously monitored by server engineers 24/7/365.

Website hosting data backup

Choose a company that backs up your files. Then if the unforeseen happens, your website can be restored. Find out how often your website will be backed up. Remember, you should always archive your website files on your own hard drive in case of that meteor strike!

At Cheeky Monkey Hosting, all websites are backed up daily. A free backup wizard is also provided for client use.

Find out where your website hosting server is physically located

Find out the physical location of your website host’s servers as many New Zealand Website Hosting providers host their servers offshore, usually in large data centres in the USA. If your target audience is local, then New Zealand based servers are a good choice. You’ll find your webhost easier to deal with if both the support team and data centre are in the same time zone. It also means faster access for your visitors, making their visit to your site more enjoyable!

At Cheeky Monkey Hosting, all websites are hosted on NZ servers in our state of the art Auckland Data Centre managed by Umbrellar.

Website hosting flexibility

You may just be getting your business off the ground but it’s always good to look for a website host that will allow you to easily upgrade your plan in the future. This may include increasing disk space, number of email accounts or extra data traffic allowances as your business grows.

Cheeky Monkey Hosting clients have access to their own “Client Area” where they can easily login to upgrade their web hosting or email hosting plan at anytime. Because we offer NZ Cloud Hosting, the provisioning of any extensions to your hosting plan is quick and can be actioned seamlessly without disruption.

Website hosting disk space and data transfer

Don’t cut yourself short on disk space and data transfer (bandwidth/traffic) when picking a plan. Most websites consume a very small amount of disk space, but you should allow room for growth, and space for email storage. Investigate if the webhost provides warning emails as you approach critical limits and ensure they won’t surprise you with excess fees for exceeding your monthly bandwidth traffic allowance.

Cheeky Monkey Hosting will, in advance, warn you by email if you are approaching your email disk space limit. You can also monitor usage via your control panels. We do not charge excess fees if you exceed your monthly web traffic allowance. We also permit unlimited email traffic.

Website hosting server features

The operating system of your server may determine the types of scripts you can run. Whether you require a Linux or Windows server will depend on what you plan to do with your site. Linux servers are often cheaper and more stable, but if you need to host ASP scripts then you have no choice but to look for a Windows webhost. Check with your webhost to ensure these minimum features are available with your plan:

  • FTP, OpenSSH, does your webhost offer a free SSL Certificate?
  • PHP, Pear, Perl, CGI Support
  • Subdomains
  • Cron Jobs
  • Statistics packages, visitor & error logs

Cheeky Monkey Hosting offers cloud based NZ Linux hosting. All of the above features are standard with all plans including a free SSL Certificate - in addition, we support the ability to change the PHP version via cPanel. Clients also have the ability to install PHP Pear and Perl modules and add cronjobs.

Email hosting

Think about how many email accounts you will require and how you’ll access email sent to your domain name. When overseas or away from your computer, WebMail is handy and allows you to pop into an internet café to check your mail. Other features to consider when choosing your host include:

  • Number of email aliases included in your plan
  • Is email forwarding available?
  • Can you setup auto-responders?
  • Is there a catch-all account included?
  • POP3 and IMAP access for checking mail on your mobile
  • What WebMail applications are provided?
  • Is full SSL support on POP3, IMAP and SMTP provided?

All Cheeky Monkey Hosting plans include unlimited email accounts; a catch-all mailbox; unlimited email aliases, forwarders, auto-responders; and POP3, IMAP and SMTP access. We offer RoundCube and Ensignia Mail WebMail applications. Full SSL support is provided on all plans.

Website hosting ease of use / control panel site management tools

Choose a webhost that allows you to manage the different aspects of your web and email account yourself. An easy to use web based control panel should be provided. cPanel is the #1 leading and industry standard web based control panel that helps you manage your websites through a web browser.

All Cheeky Monkey Hosting web hosting plans come with cPanel.

Free one-click web application installer – WordPress hosting

Select a WordPress hosting provider who offers a web application installer plugin as part of their control panel. Common Web App Installers are Installatron, Fantastico, SimpleScripts, Softaculous or Parallels "APS" (Power Pack/Power Tools). Installatron is the superior choice and enables instant installs and upgrades for even the most inexperienced website owner to deploy a web application. Examples of apps you’ll be able to install include blogs, forums, image galleries, content management systems and eCommerce systems.

At Cheeky Monkey Hosting, our web hosting is powered by Installatron. Installatron is a one-click web application installer that enables blogs, photo galleries, forums, shops, and other top web applications to be instantly installed and effortlessly managed.

Website hosting payment plans

Check your website host’s payment plans, as many will allow you to choose the right plan for your sites budget and needs. Don’t be forced to pay for a year in advance if you don’t want to!

Cheeky Monkey Hosting is one of the few webhosts who offer very flexible payment plans including monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual billing options.

The impact that your website hosting provider has on your business is quite critical. You need to be happy, so before handing over your credit card details, test them out by sending an email to see how fast they answer, how friendly they are and their degree of knowledge. It's better to spend the time now checking them out rather than having to switch later.

Cheeky Monkey Website Hosting Features:

  • Professional grade NZ cloud hosting
  • Hosted on NZ servers in Auckland
  • Servers housed in state of the art Umbrellar Data Centre
  • Web Hosting supercharged with Installatron
  • Leading cPanel Control Panel
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring
  • Fully redundant/load balanced mail
  • Email provisioned on our VExim dedicated mail platform
  • Daily website backups
  • Free Spam and Virus protection