Hosting NZ

Do you run a NZ business and are deciding where you should host your website?

There’s basically two options for kiwi businesses – either to host your website locally in a New Zealand Data Centre, or with a company located in the US who usually run large server farms.

Before you’re tempted by cheaper overseas hosting, think again before going offshore – there are some important benefits in selecting NZ hosting.

Benefits of Hosting NZ

Although you may pay slightly more for NZ hosting, there are a number of benefits:

  • Speed
  • Support
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Google Rankings


Having a fast loading website is a key feature of hosting in NZ. However, before you make this the deciding factor it’s important to consider who your customers are. If most of your customers are local then NZ hosting is going to give your visitors a more responsive website and a better experience. If your website is hosted overseas, the request needs to pass through multiple checkpoints as it travels overseas and back again to return the desired webpage to a NZ visitor. Google now also takes into account page loading times when ranking web pages in their search engine results.


By choosing a NZ hosting option, you will receive friendly, local support when needed. Consider the time difference between New Zealand and the US. During business hours in New Zealand, the US may well be outside of business hours. If something goes wrong, you want your website host to be open during the same hours your business is open. The last thing you want is to have to wait until your offshore support team comes online for their working day.

Planned Maintenance

Typically, web hosting providers will schedule upgrades, server maintenance and planned outages at night time, outside of business hours when visitor traffic is at its lowest. However, if you’re using an overseas web host this could very well be in the middle of your business day in New Zealand. At Cheeky Monkey Hosting, we try our best to avoid planned downtime during the NZ business day. Scheduled maintenance is usually undertaken after 10pm.

Google Rankings

Google recognises the physical location of your website by the IP address assigned to your web hosting server. Major search engines such as Google aim to provide their users with the most relevant search engine results. By having a New Zealand IP Address, you are informing search engines that your website is hosted in NZ and will have a positive effect on your local search rankings. We recommend that you don’t choose a web hosting provider in a different location just on pricing advantage. For example, if you opt for an Australian web host you will tend to rank higher on, but you will most likely want to rank higher on to capture NZ customers. Before you finalise the country where you wish to host your website, think about your target audience and the potential buyers you are pitching to.

Cheeky Monkey Hosting NZ Features:

  • Professional grade cloud hosting
  • Hosted on NZ servers in Auckland
  • Servers housed in state of the art Umbrellar Data Centre
  • Web Hosting supercharged with Installatron
  • Leading cPanel Control Panel
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring
  • Fully redundant/load balanced mail
  • Email provisioned on our VExim dedicated mail platform
  • Daily website backups
  • Free Spam and Virus protection