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Score a free SSL Certificate with any web hosting plan and get the green padlock!

Google is now flagging any site without a SSL certificate as “Not Secure” - if your site doesn't have a valid SSL Certificate, it could seriously be hurting your traffic and conversions.

Cheeky Monkey Hosting has teamed up with Let's Encrypt and cPanel to ensure a free SSL Certificate comes standard with every web hosting plan. Our leading cPanel control panel and free SSL certificates work together to give your site a boost in both SEO and security.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol used for secure and encrypted communication between computers. This is especially useful if you need to accept things like login or password details, credit card information, banking credentials – basically any information your site collects that you and your visitors would want to remain safe. SSL is best known by the green padlock and the HTTPS that pops up in the URL bar of your browser when a valid SSL certificate is installed. When a visitor to your website sees these two things, they are reassured knowing that their information is being encrypted.

Our SSL certificates keep your site secure and let your visitors rest easy knowing they can freely interact with your site without a worry.

Free SSL Certificate NZ

Don't wait to move to HTTPS

Earlier than expected, Google has announced they have begun flagging any website without a SSL certificate as “not secure”.

For website owners: If your site doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate installed, it could seriously be hurting your traffic and conversions.

All you need to do to avoid the warning, and at the same time get a SEO ranking boost, is to protect your website with HTTPS using a valid SSL certificate. Cheeky Monkey Hosting makes it incredibly simple to do this when a free SSL certificate comes standard with every web hosting plan.

Don’t leave it too late. With SSL certificates becoming a requirement, doing nothing is simply no longer an option. Don’t wait to get started moving to HTTPS. With Cheeky Monkey Hosting, getting a free SSL certificate is easier than ever before.

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